Getting Things Done

Well the last week or so has been quite productive for me.

At work we have been working closely with our EMR vendor to resolve a few issues with interfaces and minor bugs that exist in their program. We also finished rolling out the new machines we received a few weeks ago, and also built two new disk images that we will use to roll out Microsoft Office 2007 to the employees in our building that don’t have it yet. I’ve also setup the new / updated webserver to host our current site and make our auditors happy again.

The Livestrong’s Daily Plate program is going very well. I’ve been logging my exercise and activity everyday and doing a weekly weigh in and I’ve lost just a little over 7 pounds in two weeks. This past week I have picked up my biking habits again so every other day I am out doing 15 to 25 miles which I’m sure is helping. Right now I am limited to about 1800 calories a day, which when making the right decisions at lunch and dinner makes it pretty easy, most days I am closer to 1600 calories. I can even feel that my pants fit better just after two weeks. I also noticed that I am getting used to the lower calories because I can’t eat nearly as much as I used to, but I’m sure that’s a good thing.

After taking a month or two off from biking now I remember why I love it so much. Last night we got some clouds and rain that helped cool down the temperature and made for a bit of a breeze from the north. I worked my from College Station to downtown Bryan and used the breeze and the cool weather to get me up to 25 miles last night which is close to my longest ride of like 32 miles. But just the speed of with the extra wind at my back which just makes it so much easier to maintain my 17-19 mph on the flat and 13-14 mph uphill. Usually my pace is right around 14.3 mph around town, but that probably included a bunch of stops and me just kind getting it done and not really pushing. If I push, I could probably do 16 mph for 10 miles but beyond that my legs start giving up. I hope to work my way closer to 50 miles in a single ride and then I would have to probably upgrade to a true road bike. Right now I have a 2008 Trek 7.2 FX. It does a great job of giving me a good road feel but keeping me upright, the components are of good quality and shift are quick and smooth, my only wish is that it was a bit lighter, but that always costs more.

My Linux+ is coming along nicely, I have completed the CBT Nugget videos I had as well as the entire TestOut training, now I just need to take a few practice tests and see where I am. I think the only thing that will trouble me is remember all the different options to these commands, there seems to be just a ton of them and not all are standardized. Also a few of the detailed configuration files for Samba and sendmail I just can’t seem to wrap my head around, but hopefully they ask enough generic stuff that it won’t be a problem. I will take a practice test sometime this week and probably schedule the test for one afternoon in the next two weeks.

Upcoming for the blog at I will continue to try to figure out what the Galleries things so I can share all the good high quality pictures with all of you out on the internet, and hopefully produce a few more articles about the great IT stuff I do day to day. I still have quite of bit of work to do with adding a profile and what I would call is a portfolio of projects and work that I have done in my IT career. I also hope to write WordPress Plugin that will help integrate SportTracks and the Livestrong’s The Daily Plate into the blog on my site.

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National Bike to Work Day – May 15th

I would just like to remind everyone that tomorrow is National Bike to Work Day. For all of you out there that haven’t tried biking somewhere in a while this is a perfect time to start. I am on vacation at the moment but I still have not forgotten that it is Friday. Here in DC the local bike Bike and Roll Rental Shop will allow you to rent a bicycle for free all day on Friday if you live in the DC and will use it to commute. I don’t know what they are doing back in Texas but anyone that hasn’t ridden since they were a little kid needs to give it a shot. It is a great way to get into shape and save some money on that daily commute.

If you are needing a bike, Craigslist is probably the best way to get one for cheap, especially right around when students are moving out. If you are curious about what a good brand is or if a certain one will fit you, feel free to contact me or comment this post.

The Bryan/College Station area is a great place to bike as many road in College Station have dedicated bike lanes or sidewalks. Bryan is less formal about bikes on the road, however I’ve found all kinds of ways between towns on the bike. My suggestion is to just give it a try, it isn’t for everyone, but it sure does make you feel like you have accomplished something and the end of the day.

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Travel Weekend

This weekend everyone was traveling. Jen hit me up on Wednesday for a ride to Houston Hobby Airport. She was traveling to St Louis to see her mom and visit the rest of her relatives. Her niece joined her for the flight and all the great things to do in St Louis. On the way back from the airport I attempted to eat at two Subways. One was super busy and wasn’t worth the wait and the other Subway I was only able to find the sign of where it used to be, so i just decided that I shouldn’t eat out and I should just go home and watch Rescue Me and eat the leftover Jambalaya from earlier in the week.

On Thursday, I took my parents to the Easterwood Airport here in College Station for their trip to New Orleans for French Quarter Festival. I spent Thursday night enjoying NBC’s great lineup of Parks and Recreation, The Office and Southland. Friday Night it was poker night, I was a little late from getting off of work due to making some decisions in the third guy hiring process, I grabbed some snacks and several brews from HEB and went home. Everyone pretty much got here by seven so we were off and rolling. I ended up going out around 2am as only the second one out of the five player game.

Saturday it rained like crazy all morning, and since the Rec Center was busy with a racquetball tournament Judd and I went for a ride out towards South College Station and got 32 miles in. This ties my longest ride ever and puts me on par for my 200 miles a month goal. We also grabbed some Ninfas and they seriously have the best Quesadillas in town, however that left me as pretty much just a waste for the rest of the day. Sunday, I was thinking about going for a ride in Houston down at Brays Bayou, however after so far the day before I my back was quite sore and I really didn’t feel up to it. So I headed to Houston a bit later, grabbed lunch at Subway which was probably the best Subway sandwich I had ever had from there, Picked up Jen around 3pm and was back in College Station by 6pm. I also took care of the dog all weekend so I was back and forth to the parents house a few times.

Monday I picked up the parents from the airport around 4pm and got them home and chatted with them for a bit about their trip. Then grabbed a quick sandwich on sweet bread from St. Louis, and played two nine hole rounds, over at First Baptist Church. The first round I was just kind of learning the course since I hadn’t ever played their before. I believe I shot about 3 or 4 over. The second time around I shot even because I knew where the holes where. Hopefully, my friends and I can make a thing of this because I really do enjoy doing just about anything that has to do with the outdoors, and frisbee golf is quite relaxing and fun at the same time. I also didn’t realized how many courses we have in the Bryan / College Station area we have about 5 or so 9 hole courses and the 18 hole one out at Research Park. Anyways, now I am home watching Southland again for Jen and updating the blog.

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