Ready for a Little Vaycay

Today I leave for parts of the country unknown (to me at least), I am headed to Washington DC. This swamp is home to our congress, president and many other crazy agencies that I’m sure are watching me type this blog post. We plan on checking out all the cool monuments that our tax dollars have purchased and maybe hassle our representative about some governmental issue that currently escapes me. In any case, I’m sure Jen and I will have a good time discovering the city and how to get around using their subway system. The one crown jewel for me on this trip I am looking forward to is the Smithsonian, it should be quite the experience at least that is what I am hoping for. The weather looks like it will be okay, we will have a few rainy days but there looks to be plenty of inside activities to do once we get there. We are technically staying across the river in Arlington, VA so we will get to commute in everyday as well. Here is wishing that all our luggage makes it and our flights are not delayed. Good Day.