AT&T Tilt 2 is now shipping

htctilt2I got my confirmation last night that my new phone the AT&T Tilt 2 is shipped and Fedex is working on delivering it. It looks like it should be here on Monday sometime before 4:30pm. I will be very happy to retire my current phone the Samsung Blackjack and I just hope this new phone lasts as long as the Blackjack has.

If you haven’t ordered yours yet and you have an AT&T Preimer account go check out: and you will first need to login to AT&T to view this page. It currently shows $538.99 as the no-commitment price, however I got mine for $349.99 earlier in the week before the page was public, still unsure if I am signed up for 2 more years of AT&T but in any case my new phone is on the way. I will try to do a short review over it once it gets here. For more information about the phone check out the Prelaunch information I found over at